20 New Website Designs That Inspire You in 2022

With the start of a whole new year, we take a look forward to 2022 and predict some emerging styles in website development. Now, stop and think about the websites you’ve visited in the last several months. Perhaps a select few stood out to you due to their slick design and intuitive UI. Poorly designed websites can generate a lasting impression, one that may be unfavourable for the company itself.

After doing our own UX research and looking at a number of instances of up-to-date websites, we noticed several trends. In today’s huge and competitive online world, a website that doesn’t provide a fantastic user experience or use innovative web design will fail to compete.

We looked at the website design trends for 2022 and highlighted the ones we think will have the most significant effect on the web. We’ve included a few examples of our own award-winning web design work since it’s crucial to draw attention to the competent design work that struck our notice. Read on as we discuss ideas for website design and provide forecasts for 2022.

All see this:

First, micro-animations give websites a more personal feel.

Although subtle animations have always been a part of web design, we anticipate a rise in their use in 2022. Small animations may make a big difference in the user experience of a website. These little animations and aesthetic choices may also serve as an effective method of drawing the user’s attention to certain parts of a website.

Our team incorporated micro animation on the homepage of the newly designed website for ASK Resource Center, a group that supports families with children who have special needs.

In 2022, the Internet will be dominated by illustrated web designs.

It’s becoming more common for websites to use graphics in lieu of photos. The lower file sizes and quicker load times of illustrated pictures over those of photographic ones are two of the key reasons for this trend. With Google’s continuous emphasis on fast page load times, as measured by Core Web Vitals, more and more online designers and developers are searching for methods to speed up web sites.

An illustration is an excellent alternative to a picture when trying to depict a more abstract idea. When a website is devoted to a service or a cause but does not include photographs of the actual product, good graphics might help to communicate the message.

Last but not least, a personalised, one-of-a-kind artwork that isn’t seen anywhere else online may be an excellent method to pique consumers’ interest. Gains may be substantial if you invest on a unique, high-quality illustration rather than relying on a recycled stock image.

The website for the new video game Firewatch makes use of striking yet straightforward visuals to convey the game’s atmosphere. Parallax motion is a great way to give your website an impressive 3D impression when the user scrolls down the page.

Third, Low-Light User Experience Design and the Rise of Dark Mode

We anticipate that the provision of dark mode versions of company websites will continue to increase in popularity in 2022. In low-light situations, users may benefit from a lower-contrast website or app by switching to “dark mode,” “night shift,” or another low-light user interface option. The Brazilian design company estudio/nk implements a sticky light-to-dark switch on each page of their website so that visitors can easily flip between the site’s bright and dark themes while they browse. Our group predicts that there will be an increase in monochrome web design in 2022 as a result of the widespread use of dark mode toggle switches.

The Rise of Monochrome in Web Design

The trend toward monochrome web design that has been gaining favour lately is likely to persist until 2022. This design approach may provide a streamlined look while emphasising the visual impact of objects using colour. If your company’s main goal is to get people to take some kind of action, a design like this may be perfect for you.

Service for insurance policies that may be accessed online When it comes to creating an appealing design and directing users toward critical information and activities, Lemonade relies heavily on the usage of a monochromatic colour scheme.

5 Tips for Creating a Minimalistic Website

Not only are many instances of contemporary web design visually beautiful, but they also provide a straightforward and uncluttered interface for the site’s visitors. Oboosho, a cleaning service located in New York City, features a minimalist design that conveys the cheerful, humorous nature of their organisation. With no unnecessary bells and whistles, this site makes it simple for consumers to access the data they need and take the next step toward learning more or scheduling an appointment.

This page also makes use of the hamburger menu, a popular UX web design trend for mobile devices. This kind of navigation isn’t generally recommended for a website’s desktop version, but it works very well here since it complements the site’s overall basic aesthetic.

6 Case Studies in Narrative Web Design and Interactivity

The usage of user-experience animations in flexible web designs is already a popular trend, and it’s expected to become even more so in 2022. Websites with adaptable and interactive features attract and retain more visitors. The implementation of such a UX design trend might be time-consuming and costly, though. To reduce expenses for customers who desire custom, interactive elements on their websites, our web design team expects that more automated development procedures will emerge.

See an excellent case of user interaction that we built into our website! Users may navigate through a graphic description of the Nexos UV room disinfection solution on Igor’s Nexos Intelligent Disinfection landing page. This flexible web design not only keeps people on the site longer and promotes brand exposure, but it also looks great and provides useful content.

2022 will see a rise in minimalist, neomorphic design.

From the ashes of web 2.0 skeuomorphism design and the groundwork of flat design, neumorphism graphic design has risen. Simply said, neomorphism ensures a constant, uncluttered aesthetic. You might think of this style as a monochrome one where the emphasis is placed on shadows and subtle gradations of colour. This may reduce the potential for visual clutter and direct the user’s attention to the most crucial information.

The absence of contrast in items like buttons, although sometimes extremely aesthetically attractive, might cause user experience concerns if not handled properly. Numerous UX experts warn against adopting such a design for this same reason. However, when executed well, neomorphism in web design may provide a beautiful appearance that feels wonderfully fresh and clean.

In 2022, neomorphism will likely be a more widely used approach to website design. Igor Lutsenko’s design for a smart home control app exemplifies how widespread this aesthetic has become in app development.

The use of rotating animations is a promising new direction in web design that may add a lot of visual appeal to a website.

The new website design for The Disruption Company is the greatest example we’ve seen of the spinning animation trend in website design. Every time a user refreshes the webpage, a new and creative branded video is shown, leaving them wanting more. Users will have a one-of-a-kind, memorable experience each time they return to your site if you sprinkle it with entertaining surprises like this.

Scrolling in non-traditional ways keeps people interested on today’s websites

More and more websites, in search of a more distinguishable user experience, are experimenting with various scrolling methods. Vertical scrolling is the standard user experience. The Gelateria Amande website uses a UX design trend called horizontal scrolling, which is disruptive in a positive way since it grabs users’ attention while still being straightforward and useful. Superior product photography, refined graphics, and engaging animated typography come together to create a fun and engaging environment on the Gelateria Amande website. In 2022, we expect to see an uptick in the number of websites that include innovative scrolling techniques.

By 2022, embedded videos will be a standard for captivating homepages.

In 2022, a video on the homepage of a website will be a common practise among the top website designs. The team at Blue Compass, who overhauled the McAninch website, included video embeds into the redesign of the company’s homepage. These videos provide a glimpse into the people, tools, and projects that make up a regular day at McAninch. Users who land on the McAninch homepage are drawn in by the brand’s explainer films and given a better sense of the company’s ethos before they even get to the product descriptions. If you’re building a new website in the year 2022, you should include video into your homepage design.

The Eleven Best Gradient Color Schemes for Your Website in 2022

In 2016, when Instagram updated its look, the world took note of the company’s new gradient logo. Even though it ran counter to the current trend, their choice to update gradients had far-reaching consequences for the field of design. Web designers are increasingly turning to gradients as a source of fresh ideas. ColorSpace, a website offering gradient designs and a tool for producing gradients and colour palettes, was launched in response to this trend. This makes it easy to build your own distinctive design. Among other things, gradients are predicted to become more prevalent in 2022’s website designs.

UX-driven, diagonal lines in creative web design 12

Traditional new website layouts used horizontal lines to demarcate divisions of content. Our team used user experience research to determine that diagonal lines provide a more natural and engaging route for the user’s eyes to follow down the page. The Polish digital studio BrightMedia makes use of diagonal lines and scroll-triggered motion to hold the reader’s attention on the page as they go down it.

This usage of diagonal lines and animation exemplifies the way in which many emerging web design trends may work together to create a beautiful, cutting-edge website with a compelling user experience.

13 Up-to-Date Websites That Use Animations When You Scroll

In recent years, scroll animations have become a prominent UX design trend. Time spent on page and user interaction are both improved by this kind of web design, which also serves as a showcase for the visual design and front-end programming abilities of its creators. To showcase Igor’s offerings, our designers built a new website style that allows visitors to easily navigate by scrolling or clicking between page templates. This 2022 web design trend may be a very effective approach to make it simpler for consumers to convert, so long as the animations don’t detract from or mislead users. In 2022, we anticipate such capabilities to become standard in responsive design and UX.

Web Designs with Cartoon Characters

As 2022 progresses, homepages are increasingly including illustrated characters. When placed and positioned with care, custom characters in your web design may increase versatility and make an impression. Plus, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like a good cartoon hero.

As this fantastic figure does in the Mille et Un Fund site design, drawn characters may even gesture to a call to action button without coming across as corny.

Finally, this design may be helpful for website load times since clean graphics often load faster than images.

15 Big, Bold Titles That Get People’s Attention: Giant Ideas for Website Design

It would seem that people have less time to spend on websites in today’s fast-paced world. Because of this, designers are starting to use bigger, bolder headlines and shorter information to get people to click through faster. If more explanation is required, the bigger heading tags are often accompanied with smaller sub-text material, much like the minimalist technique. Austin Eastciders uses a combination of text sizes and video to show you all the ways you can enjoy their delicious ciders on their home page.

Utilize Abstract Forms to Grab Readers’ Eyes in Website Layouts

Use of abstract forms is another trend in web design that we’re digging. Increasingly, we’re seeing companies utilise unconventional forms, which piques people’s interests. The elje group does a fantastic job at using lava-lamp-esque abstract forms and images to maintain interest. When you first view the website, you’ll see that the corporation has included some of the newest trends in web design from 2022, such as gradients and diagonals.

In 2022, responsive web design and dynamic landing pages will be the norm.

Interesting examples of current websites often include landing pages that are both dynamic and responsive. Adding flexible web design elements like animation and interactive features may keep people engaged on a plain, static landing page longer. Weberous, a Los Angeles web design and marketing company, has an innovative water ripple effect on their homepage. Using innovative ux web design trends, the website’s interactive and animated components breathe new life into an otherwise static landing page.

For 2022, elaborate footers will be a distinguishing feature of website designs.

Site footers have traditionally been an afterthought or ignored in favour of more prominent areas of design, but times have changed. These days, ‘footer boosts’ are all the rage in the world of web design. What was originally merely a place to provide contact details or an email subscription form has evolved into a more generalised part of the webpage. This trend has been brilliantly presented by 360gardalife. In the above screenshot, you can see that new content has been added to the website’s bottom, making it seem more integrated with the layout as a whole.

Deep and Three-Dimensional Patterns

In order to offer this mortgage hub site more depth and complexity, our designers created a web design full of drop shadows and contrasting hues. We find that two-dimensional designs that provide the impression of three dimensions are more likely to entice consumers to buy. Drop shadows, gradients, and two-tone colour schemes, like the one used as website design inspiration up top, are some of the most prevalent flat design 2.0 approaches for giving web designs more depth.

Twenty of the Most Innovative Color Branding Strategies for Your 2022 Website

We also like the 2022 trend toward multicoloured branding in web design. Companies like Camden Town Brewery are adopting a new website design in which branding varies from page to page and product to product, and the colour of various components on the page changes when the visitor interacts with them. The site’s layout is optimised for user navigation, and the user’s brain is primed to make instant connections between different coloured pages and different types of content (such as items or services). You may get some amazing ideas for web design and brand colours from their site.

To the Next Level in Web Design

If you’re looking for examples of cutting-edge websites, we recommend bluecompass.com. Our Iowa-based web designers and coders crafted a visually appealing, fully-functional layout that takes use of several current trends in online design. Our homepage features several 2022 web design trends, like a video in the upper right corner, animated scrolling, and a diagonal layout.

In order to push your company’s web design to new heights, please contact our staff. A multi-award-winning design and development firm, Blue Compass also employs UX research specialists that help supercharge your designs and conversion rates. You should get in touch with Blue Compass right away.

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